Positive Use of Internet is the Need of Time

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By: Muhammad Osama bin Shahid Samastipur

Author is student of Department of English language and Literature at Darul Uloom Deoband

Before I mention the need of internet , let me mention that Humans have been communicating and exchanging their emotions and feelings with each other from the beginning of the world. There have been different ways to convey the message to others living on distance. For a long time, envoys, emissaries and pigeons used to do this work. In the early centuries of the golden age of Islam, the first two methods were used to send invitations of Islam to the emperors of the kingdom. This way of conveying continued for a long time till the time of newspapers and magazines started. Muslims and Ulama took advantage of this opportunity and used it as a means of spreading Islam and the scope of religious invitation became wider and larger. It played a significant role in conveying the message of Islam to the people of the world.

Weekly Al-Jamiyat and Monthly Al-Hilal are clear examples. As the day passed, the world made further progress and the electronic world bestowed humans a valuable machine in the form of computer, which made communication and preaching easier.

 In 1983, the discovery of the internet astounded the human mind. On the other hand, in 1990, when the experts invented the World Wide Web (www) successfully, they made a new achievement in the world of development. It is facilitated as provided by creating various web sites and blogs, different resources and devices, which make communication easier and faster. Now, in a flash, we can get news, incidents and facts about the world’s developments easily. Moreover, there are some social networking means that are connected with it, which are called social media, such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram etc.

Through these platforms we can convey the universal Islamic teachings of peace, brotherhood, equality, justice and good morals.

One of the most beneficial means for social connecting is Facebook. At least 2 billion people use this app. And the interesting thing is, many Claimants and preachers have joined it, and through their articles and speeches, demonstrated the greatness, characteristics, merits, beauties and overall objectives of Islam and its blessed Messenger, Muhammad (PBUH). I think Facebook has provided the best platform. Through which we can offer the world a practical and easy solution of many issues which the modern world is crying out for.

Furthermore, there are more other platforms like WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram and Google etc. News portals are also important for social networking.

In this modern age, these apps play the principal role in promoting a particular thought among people. Even, they are used to control and divert people’s minds, thoughts and ideas, so we need to utilize these apps for sharing articles, messages and notes in order to bring the reform in the community. It is also a good way to share on social media the short verses of the Quran and Hadith with explanation carrying the solution in the light of the Quran and Sunnah for the complicated problems.



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