All India Muslim Women Association Hyderabad Successfully Organizes Two Days Dawah Camp

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The camp was organized on 16th and 17th January 2024 at Classic Garden Mehdipatnam and attended by over 900 ladies and girls.

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All India Muslim Women Association Hyderabad-unit organized two days dawah camp on 16th and 17th January 2024 in winter vacation in order to create awareness on Faith, Ideology, Culture, Dress Lifestyle, Current affairs, Health, Family Economics, Shariah and Social issues etc.

The dawah camp had eight important sessions on Imaan, faith, worship, Social reform, Rights, Qur’an, Hadith, Economics and Milli issues. It also included activities, games and competitions for girls. The stay and Food Arrangements were made for two days. The camp began with the recitation of Qur’an and explanation by Mrs Asma Nadeem Secretary of Muslim Women Association (MWA). Mrs Shameem Fatima, the President of Muslim Women Association Hyderabad in her address highlighted the importance of Imaan, need for strengthening it and ways of acquiring closeness to Allah (SW). Ms. Tahniyat enlightened the audience of the cause of serving the community, the aim of All India Muslim Women Association (AIMWA) and the work of Muslim Girls Association (MGA) and Bintul Muslim council. She stressed on the need of young Muslim girls to learn and study Islam.

Mrs. Yasmin Afroze gave detailed introduction of AIMWA and Mrs Bushra Nadeem spoke on Power of Imaan and Taqwa. Mrs Zakiya Spoke on Concept of Worship in Islam, Mrs Tabassum highlighted the significance of Namaz, Mrs Atiya Naaz spoke on the Importance of Fasting (roza), self control and spirituality. Mrs. Huda Rawal Secretary of AIMWA was a special guest from Mumbai. She also expressed her views on the Importance of Education and Role of Mothers. Dr Sadia Shahnaaz MD Microbiology spoke on the Importance of Skill Development especially teaching skills and medical skills. Mrs. Sajeda Khanam and team of girls presented a skit on Masnoon Nikah.

Dr Asma Zehra, the President of AIMWA spoke on challenges faced by Muslim community in India. She stressed on the importance of education as well as the challenge of illiteracy and ignorance. She also spoke on roadblocks to education like the Hijab issue in Karnataka, the slapping of a student of Muzaffernagar, the case of Najeeb, Jamia Millia Islamia,  saffronisation, Aligarh Muslim university minority status issue in Supreme Court and the discontinuing  of scholarship for minority students in Moulana Azad University.

She further added that educational backwardness leads to poverty and social evils. Economic upliftment requires both qualification and skill; there is a need for skill development and economic empowerment of women. Social customs and unislamic traditions are draining the resources of community. The Muslim Personal law is targeted in different high courts and Assam and Uttarakhand are two states where UCC is tried and being implemented. Muslim women in Assam are facing legal challenges because of NRC and Child Marriage Act.

The Worship Act 1991 is being challenged in Supreme Court,the Gyanvapi Masjid continuing her address she said that Mathura Shahi Masjid are facing trials in media courts. Community is facing vacuum in leadership, most of the organizations lack holistic approach to issues. Corruption is increasing in community, in organizations, waqfs and NGOs, these are serious challenges. Women issues are neglected and safety security health, empowerment of women with emerging skills and technology are needed for survival and success. Muslim women hold great potential and talent; proper channeling can bring social reforms and welfare of community. There is need to work in villages and towns along with cities and utilize social media to spread awareness. The world is changing very fast there are opportunities for progress and development of Muslim Community. Dr Asma appealed to Women to empower themselves in all fields, become ambassador of goodness and contribute through their time efficiency and talent.

Mrs Tameez  senior physical instructor of KV School and Safdaria School guided girls for Kho kho and Kabbadi matches in evening sessions. More than 100 girls of age groups 8 to 25 participated in games. On second day of camp Mrs Ruqaya  Farzana explained Surah Ahzab, rules of Hijab , what is Tabarruj and virtues of Momina. Ms Tahniyat Ather spoke on the importance of hadith and need of sunnah in daily life. Mrs Raseeda spoke on the importance of  Zakat and Charity. Mrs Shameem Fatima president of Muslim Women Association Hyderabad spoke on Parenting Challenges. Mrs Nazneen Muallima and School principal Taha School addressed on Responsibility of Muslim Women in Protection of Shariah. Mrs Asma Nadeem, secretary of MWA enlightened the audience on the importance of savings, economic empowerment, chits and non interest loans, self-help groups. She said wise women are careful of spending and help in economic stability of family. She advised women to join AIMWA for Skill development and financial guidance.

Advocate Maria Ahmedi LLM spoke on the use of social media by young girls. She stressed on the importance of safety and security. She said new technology requires us to be very cautious and alert. Small mistakes will cause huge mental traumas. Girls must avoid posting their personal details on social media platforms. Dr Asma Zehra introduced the concept of empowered muslimah, she said Bibi Asiya,  Bibi Hajira, mother Ayesha (raz) were all empowered women because they had faith, ideology and education of  Deen. They are role models for ummah girls and women.

Mrs Fathima Muzaffer counselor of IUML Chennai and the chief guest of second day spoke on unity of Muslims, the binding of faith, the important role of women in empowering society. She told youth to choose correct role models. She gave examples of ummahatul momineen and sahabiyas. Ms Tahniyat, gave message of camp and appealed to women and girls to empower themselves to lead the community. She highlighted the roadmap and agenda for Muslim women. Calendars for year 2024 and bookmarks with agenda were released. Mrs Tanveer Fatima, joint convener of Dawah Camp gave vote of thanks. Mrs Maimuna Sultana concluded the session with her Dua.

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