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{Part: 14 / Surah Al-Hijr, from ayah 2 to Surah Al-Nahl, ayah: 128}

By Mufti Jaseemuddin Qasmi
Coordinator of Online Darul Ifta and Lecturer at MMERC, Mumbai

Longing to believe in Allah on Doomsday

Allah says in the Part 14 of the Quran, “A time will come when disbelievers will wish that they had been Muslims”. It means that when on the Day of Judgment, to live in the Hellfire forever, will be declared as the punishment of disbelief, the disbelievers will say that if only they would have believed in Allah in the world. 

Ayah 3 of Surah Hijr says, “(O, Prophet of Allah) Let them eat and enjoy, and the false hope keeps them in ignorance, soon they will know the consequence.” It means that the disbelievers confine the purpose of their lives in eating, drinking and enjoying the luxuries of the world; therefore they have long wishes to get more and more luxuries in such a way that it looks like it is the only purpose of their life. It is the thought of non-disbelievers. However, the thought of Muslims should be such that they should get benefit from the bounties of Allah in the world but they should never make this world the purpose of their life. They should use this world for the betterment of their hereafter life following the commands of Shariah.

Ayah 6 tells that when the prophet (saws) talked about belief in Allah, Disbelief, Day of Resurrection, Hell etc, the pagans of Makkah used to say sarcastically about prophet (saws) that the person whom the Quran was revealed upon, was insane. 

Allah Guarantees to Protect the Quran

Ayah 9 says, “Indeed, We have sent down this Quran and We are to protect it.”  Though many scriptures were sent down before the Quran but Allah Almighty did not guarantee to protect them till the Day of Judgment. Because, those scriptures were sent down for certain nations and for limited times, so the responsibility to protect them were put on those who were their addressees, as it is mentioned in surah Al-Mayida, ayah No.44.

 Contrary to these scriptures, the glorious Quran was sent down as the last book of Allah which will remain in practice till the Day of Judgment. Therefore, Allah Almighty has guaranteed to protect it. So, no changing can be made ever in it. Allah Almighty has protected it in a way that it is saved in the hearts of millions of the children.         

Land is Source of Living for Human and Jin

Further, Allah says that we have put source of living for mankind and other creatures in this land. In Ayah 21, Allah says, “And there is not a thing but that with Us are its treasure, and We do not send it down except according to a known quantity.”

It means Allah Almighty creates everything in such quantity which is enough for the need. If He sometime creates anything less than what is needed apparently, there is indeed a reason in it too, and it does not mean that there is shortage in His treasure. 

Creation of Giant

In ayah 27, Allah said that He had created Jin (giant) from the flaming fire. As Prophet Adam is the first ancestor of mankind, similarly Jin is the first ancestor of the giants. In ayah 42, it is mentioned that Allah said that Satan will not be able to deviate His righteous people. Ayah 44 says that there are seven doors of Hell, and a different group of sinners will enter from each door. One of the qualities of Paradise is that no one will feel weariness, and if anyone enters it once, he will never be driven out from there.

Hospitality by Prophet Ibrahim (as)

From ayah 51 of Surah A-Hijr, the hospitality by prophet Ibrahim (as) is mentioned. The guests mentioned in the ayah were the angels who visited Prophet Ibrahim (as). These angels came to prophet Ibrahim in his old age with the good news of son, who was named Ishaq (as). It is also mentioned that the people of Lut were punished by these very angels.

When the angels came to prophet Ibrahim (as) and greeted him, he (as) said that “We feel afraid of you!” Prophet Ibrahim (as) considered them normal human and thus he tried to serve them with the meat of calf but they avoided to have it. As per the custom of the area, if a guest avoids having food at the host’s house, it was considered the sign of the enmity. That’s why he felt fear.  Then the angels said, “Don’t fear. Indeed, we give you good tidings of a learned boy.” He said, “Have you given me good tidings although old age has come upon me? Then of what [wonder] do you inform?”  They said, “We have given you glad tidings in truth, so do not be of the despairing.” He said, “Who is it that despairs from the mercy of his Lord, except those who are astray?”

Subsequently, Ibrahim (as) asked them that what they were to do next. They replied that they were sent towards the nation of prophet Lut (as), and all of them would be killed as punishment except the family of Lut (as) excluding his wife.

Trying to misbehave with Angels

When the angels came to prophet Lut (as) in a shape of young boys, he said to them that they looked strangers. He wanted to say that people of his locality try to sodomize with the strangers. The same situation occurred as he feared. As the angels entered the area, the people of that area hurried to them happily. Prophet Lut (as) requested people not to insult him misbehaving with the guests, but the arrogant people denied listening to him.

The angels asked prophet Lut (as) to migrate with his family members from that area in the night and when he goes out, he should walk after them. Here it is a lesson for the leaders that they should not always try to lead his adherents from front, rather they should lead them sometimes from behind.

In the next morning, Allah Almighty sent a harsh punishment for the sinful people of Lut in a way that their town was overturned following the heavy rain. This punishment came at morning time.

Ayah 76 of Surah Hijr speaks about locality of these people: “And indeed that township is upon a road still in use”.

The townships of Lut’s people were situated in the proximity of Dead Sea in Jordan. Arab people used to pass by this site when they travel to Syria.

Who are Inhabitants of Aikah and Hijr

Ayah 78 of Surah Hijr says, “People of Aikah were very cruel.” Aikah means dense forest. Prophet Shuyeb (as) was also sent to the people who resided near the dense forest. Some scholars of the Qur’an have opinion that the same locality was also known as Madyan. It is mentioned with a bit details in Part-9.

Ayah 80 speaks, “People of Hijr also belied the Messengers.” Hijr is name of the townships where Samood People dwelled. Prophet Saleh (as) was sent to them.

In ayah 85, Allah Almighty asked Prophet Muhammad (as) to forgive and ignore people’s faults with kindness.  

In ayah 87, Allah Almighty says, “We have given you seven ayahs which are repeatedly recited.” It means Surah Fatiha. In ayah 94, Allah says, “So, announce publicly what you are commended, and turn away from the polytheists.” This is the ayah by which prophet (saws) was commanded to preach Islam publicly. Before this, the prophet (saws) preached Islam individually.          

Surah Nahl begins from here. This is a Makki Surah and it has 128 ayahs. Allah says in the first ayah of this surah, “The order of Allah has arrived. So, do not be in hurry for it. Exalted is He and High above the idolatry they are practicing.” It means that the punishment of Allah for the wrongdoers and dominance of Muslims are as sure as if they have arrived. 

In ayah 5 of Surah Nahl, Allah Almighty is describing the animals as bounty, says, “As for the animals, He created, you get warm clothing and apart from it, there are multiple benefits for you, and you eat from them.” We get warm clothing from the animals in a way that, jackets, shoes, leather socks etc. are made from the skin of the animals, and woolen cloths are prepared from the fleece of some animals. 

Allah says in Ayah 8 of Surah Nahl, “And He creates horses, mules and donkeys for you to ride upon them and as ornament; and He creates what you do not know”

It means there are many other means of transportation created by Allah that we do not know. This ayah informed that though people are now using horses, donkeys and mules for riding but in future Allah will create many other means of transportation such as cars, trains, buses, airplanes, ships etc. and all the modern vehicles that will be invented till the days judgment are included in the prediction of this ayah.

Ocean and Mountain are not useless

In ayah 14, ocean is regarded as the blessing of Allah, as it reads, “It is He who subjected the ocean, so that you may eat fresh meat from it and bring forth the ornaments which you wear from it, you see the boats plowing through it, so that you can search the bounty of Allah and be thankful.” Further, Allah mentions that “And He has installed the mountains firmly, lest, it may shake with you…”

When the earth was spread on the sea, it was shaking, so, Allah Almighty has made it setting up the mountains. According to the modern science, still many big continents keep sliding slightly on the water of oceans, but it happens so slowly that people do not feel it.

Ayah 48 of Surah Nahl says, “Have they not seen the things that Allah has created? Their shadows incline to the right and to the left prostrating before Allah and they all show their humbleness.” No matter how arrogant a man is, when his shadow appears on earth, it displays humbleness and humility, even the sun worshippers bow down before the sun but their shadows prostrate in opposite direction.

Ruling about the Ayah of Sajdah

Ayah 50 of Surah Nahl is Ayah of Sajdah. Whoever recites Ayah of Sajah in Arabic, it is obligatory upon him to do Sajdah. It is called Sajdah of Tilwat. But if someone reads the translation of ayah of Sajdah or he sees only the ayah of Sajdah without reciting it, then Sajdah of Tilawat will not be compulsory upon him. Ayah 57 rejects the false dogma of polytheists that angels are the daughters of Allah.

Ayah 58 and 59 of Surah Nahl depict the conditions of disbelievers after the birth of a girl child. The ayah reads, “When any of them is given glad tidings of birth of a daughter , his face turns dark, he is filled with suppressed rage,  he hides himself from the people when he listens to bad news,( he even thinks that) whether he should keep her with him bearing humiliation or inters her alive in the earth. How terrible thought they have! ”

Ayah 66 says, “Verily, for you there is a lesson in livestock. We give you drink from what is in their bellies – between excretion and blood – pure milk, refreshing to the drinkers.”

Ayah 68 speaks, “And Allah has inspired the bees to make hives on the mountain, on the trees and in what they construct.”

Creature can’t be equal to Creator

The message of Ayah 71 is that no one among you gives his wealth to his slave to the extent that he becomes equal to his master. So, O, disbelievers, you yourself accept that, gods and goddess are the creatures of Allah, then how is it possible that Allah has given divine power to them to the extent that they became equal to Him in being worshipped.

In ayahs 75 and 76, Allah has mentioned two examples to explain the Oneness of God. The summary of these examples is that if we take example of creatures, we see that there is huge difference between different creatures, some creatures are high in status while some other are low in status, if there is so much difference between different creatures, then how much difference would be between the creatures and the Creator?

Ayah 90 of surah Nahl says, “Indeed, Allah orders justice, good conduct and generosity towards relatives and forbids immorality, bad conduct and oppression. He admonishes you, so that, you may take heed.”

In ayah 92, the bad habit of breaking oath and swearing falsely is condemned with an example.  

Further, ayah 94 of Surah Nahl syas about the oath, “And do not take your oaths as [means of] deceit between you, lest a foot slips after it was firm…”  This ayah gives us a message that committing a sin in such an open way that, others also begin to dare perpetrating that sin, is double sin.  

Ayah 96 says, “Whatever you posses, all will come to an end, and whatever Allah has, is lasting” Ayah 97 says, “Whoever does a righteous deed while he is a believer, a man or woman, We will enable him to lead a pleasant life.”

Seek refuge from Satan before Recitation of the Quran

Ayah 98 of Surah Nahl says, “When you recite the Quran, seek refuge in Allah from Satan the rejected one.”

In Makkah city, there was a blacksmith who used to listen to the message of the Prophet (saws) very attentively. The Messenger of Allah (saws) also visited him sometime. At few occasions, the blacksmith shared some verses of the Bible with him. Therefore, some disbelievers stated saying that he learns the Quran from the blacksmith. Ayah 103 rejects this bogus objection saying that the blacksmith is non-Arab, how can he be the author of a book with so eloquent and articulate language. 

If Someone Compelled to Utter Words of Disbelief

Ayah 106 of Surah Nahl says that if someone is compelled to utter words of disbelief, and he utters them while his heart is satisfied with the right belief of Islam, then he will not be regarded disbeliever. 

In ayah 123 Allah Almighty addresses the prophet (saws), “We have revealed to you to follow the religion of Ibrahim…” Ayah 125 teaches us the principle of preaching and way of reformation, as it reads, “Invite to the way of your Lord with wisdom and beautiful preaching, and argue with them in the best manner…”

Ayah 126 speaks, “If you take revenge, take the revenge to the extent that you are afflicted, and if you keep patience, it is better for the patients.” 

Ayah 128 of Surah Al-Nahl reads, “Indeed, Allah is with God-fearing people and with those who are doers of good”.

To read Part-13 please click the given link

Indeed, Allah does not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves

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