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(Hyderabad: 05/08/2023) All India Muslim Women Association Inaugurated to Empower and Uplift Muslim Women Across the Nation. The inaugural meeting of the All India Muslim Women Association took place on the 30th of July 2023, concluding a comprehensive 3-day WOMEN’S CONVENTION held from the 28th to the 30th of July 2023 at the Park Continental Hotel in Hyderabad, Telangana, India. The convention revolved around the theme of Education, Tarbiyat, Protection, Survival & Existence, Rights, and Social Service. Distinguished by the attendance of over 40 delegates, representing intellectual Muslim women from 12 states across India, the 3-day Women’s Convention served as a platform where vital aspects such as the Constitution, aims and objectives, as well as policy and program, were meticulously finalized. The inception of the All India Muslim Women Association was formally announced during the Inaugural program held on Sunday, the 30th of July 2023.

The prevailing political milieu within the nation presents considerable challenges for Muslim women, as well as women belonging to the Dalit community and Backward Classes. The imperative for the education of Muslim girls and women, coupled with their economic advancement through the eradication of poverty, necessitates extensive endeavors conducted at multifarious tiers, characterized by meticulous organization and a professionally oriented approach.

The attending delegates collectively identified the necessity to formulate a comprehensive long-term program. This enlightened assembly included prominent figures such as Mrs. MamduhaMajid, an esteemed senior social worker from New Delhi; Mrs. ZinathMehtab of Old Delhi; Mrs. ShadabOkhla; Dr. Neelam Gazala, hailing from Kolkata; Mrs. Afroz Fatima Jaffri of Noida, Uttar Pradesh; Mrs. Nikhat Khan from Patna, Bihar; Dr. Shaheen of Bihar; Mrs. Afroze from Bijapur, Karnataka; Ms. Hawwa Matin; Dr. Rabia Mulla, who hails from Kolhapur; Mrs. Saleha; Mrs. Huda Rawal; Mrs. Umme Ahmed; Mrs. Shameem Fatima; Mrs. TahniyatAther; Adv. ZakiyaMoin; Mrs. Asma Nadeem; Mrs. Tabassum; Dr Sumaiya Naaz; Prof. RafeeqMohiuddin of Hyderabad; Miss SumayyaSiwai from Madhapur, Rajasthan; and Mrs. Yasmeen Farooqui of Jaipur.

During the convened assembly of delegates, a unanimous consensus materialized, affirming the necessity for the establishment of an All India Women’s Organization. This envisioned entity is to be composed exclusively of erudite and enlightened Muslim women, possessing a comprehensive understanding of Islam and Sharia, and endowed with the capability to operate autonomously. The fundamental aspiration is for these individuals to actively pursue the organization’s defined aims and objectives in collaboration with Muslim community establishments and institutions. It is to be underscored that the intended organization must not be vulnerable to manipulation by political interests; rather, it is to authentically represent the collective voice of Muslim women.Noteworthy is the fact that a series of deliberations transpired across two consecutive conventions, transpiring on May 18-19, 2022, and subsequently, on January 7-8, 2023. The central focus of these consultations pertained to the establishment of an organization characterized by its inclusive scope, encompassing Muslim women from all Masalik (schools of thought) and diverse affiliations. The primary aspiration is to transcend minor schisms, fostering a collaborative environment aimed at the betterment of the Muslim community.

The core agenda underscores the advancement of common goals, most notably pertaining to the education, upbringing, reform, empowerment, development, protection, rights, and growth of Muslim women and girls. Following meticulous strategizing, a definitive operational framework was formulated, paving the way for the commencement of membership enrollment processes. The culmination of the Women’s Convention marked a pivotal juncture, as it witnessed the election of key leadership figures, including the President, Vice President, and Secretaries. This development stands as a significant milestone in the trajectory of the nascent organization.

In a unanimous electoral decision, Dr. Asma Zehra was elected as the President, and Mrs. Uzma Parekh assumed the role of General Secretary. Moreover, the positions of Vice Presidents were conferred upon Mrs. MamudhaMajid from New Delhi, Advocate ZakiyaMoin from Hyderabad, Mrs. NilamGazala from Kolkata, and Mrs. Afroz Fatima Jaffri from Noida, Uttar Pradesh.The leadership cadre also includes Mrs. Huda Rawal, who was appointed as Organizing Secretary, while Ms. Hawwa Matin was designated as Dawah Secretary. The responsibility of Finance Secretary was bestowed upon Ms. Umme Ahmed, withDr Sumaiya Naaz taking on the role of Youth Secretary. Furthermore, the position of Joint Youth Secretary was entrusted to Ms. IfaLule. These appointments collectively herald a significant phase in the organizational establishment.

Dr. Asma Zehra
Dr. Asma Zehra

The inaugural session of the All India Muslim Women Association took place on July 30, 2023, at the Park Continental Hotel. Organizing Secretary Ms. Huda Rawal officially announced the Association’s formation and introduced key personnel. Mrs. Hawwa Matin elucidated the Association’s aims and objectives, while Mrs. Uzma Parekh unveiled the 2-year Policy and Program, encapsulating the Association’s strategic direction. This event epitomized a concerted and visionary endeavor towards the Association’s mission.

Distinguished speakers including Prof. RafeeaUnnisa, retired Professor from Osmania University College for Women, Mrs. Sultana NazeerulHasan, Director of Princess Esin Group of Institutions, Hyderabad, Mrs. SyedaSufia from Learners Academy, Mrs. Tahsin Sakina, Senior Educationist, Mrs. Yasmeen Farooqui of Jaipur, Mrs. Mamduha Majid of Delhi, Mrs. NeelamGhazala, Dr. Shaheen Patna, and Mrs. Waheda Syed of Mumbai graced the inaugural meeting with their addresses. Mrs. Sultana NazeerUlHasan particularly extended her congratulations to the organizers, members, and participants for the establishment of the All India Muslim Women Association. Commending the dedicated efforts of the Muslim Girls Association over the past three decades, she highlighted their impactful work in the realms of education, poverty alleviation, social reform, and the protection of girls and women. The women of Hyderabad take pride in the formation of the All India Muslim Women Association from their city. She is delighted that all the efforts have expanded to encompass other states across the nation.

Distinct departments within the All India Muslim Women Association were unveiled, encompassing various responsibilities. Dr. SumaiyaNaaz from Kolkata was entrusted with the Bintul Muslim Council, with Mrs. IfaLule as her joint secretary. The Intellectual Muslim

Women’s Forum comprised Dr. NeelamGhazala from Kolkata, Mrs. Waheeda Syed from Mumbai, Prof. Rafeeunnisa from Hyderabad, and Mrs. SobiaLule from Pune. The legal panel featured Adv. ZakiaMoin, Adv. Maria Ahmedi, Adv. Afshan, Adv. Huria Patel, Adv. Zara Kesar, and Adv. Farhana Shah. The doctor’s panel included Dr. SumaiyaNaaz, Dr. YusraMohiuddin, Dr. Ayesha, and Dr. Juveriya.

A decision has been made to establish a nationwide working committee comprising 50 members with the primary objective of expanding operational activities across 16 states in India. The committee includes notable individuals such as Mrs. FathimaMuzaffar and Mrs. Misria Ali from Chennai, Mrs. ZakiyaShaik from Mumbai, Mrs. Yasmeen Farooqui from Jaipur, Mrs. Umaima Fahd and Mrs. UmmeMuhammed from Moradabad, UP, Dr. Arshin Khan Dhuliya, Mrs. Yasmeen Amber from Jalna, Mrs. Amina Aurangabad, Mrs. Ayesha Tasnim, Mrs. HumeraIlyas, and Mrs. Bushra Fatima from UP, Dr. Sabera Kolhapur, Mrs. Afroze Bijapur, Mrs. Arshiya Parekh, Mrs. Aqsa Parekh, and MohsinaAkbari from Maharashtra, Mrs. SumayyaSiwai from Madhapur, Mrs. SumayyaNomani from Neral, Maharashtra, and Mrs. Asma Nadeem, Mrs. Tabassum, and Mrs. Sumayya from Hyderabad. The participation of these individuals reflects their commitment to the advancement of the committee’s objectives.

The All India Muslim Women Association is poised to initiate comprehensive outreach endeavors aimed at engaging Muslim women and female students across diverse educational institutions, including schools, colleges, and universities, as well as within workplaces, local neighborhoods (Mohallas), settlements (basti), villages, and towns. The principal intent of this initiative is the establishment of cohesive units within these various contexts. Emphasis will be placed on actively enlisting women who operate at the grassroots level, with a view to effecting positive change within their respective spheres of influence. Additionally, collaborative efforts will be fostered with women’s organizations that share analogous objectives.

The Vice President, Mrs. Mamduha Majid, and Mrs. AfrozJaffri have issued a sincere plea to religious and political leaders to extend their support and cooperation. This strategic outreach aims to ameliorate the prevalent challenges of illiteracy and destitution faced by women, while concurrently providing a safeguard against adverse forces that may threaten the well-being and rights of the Muslim community.

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